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Training Midwives to Reduce Maternal Mortality in Africa

MASSAI INSTITUTE Founded by a team of U.K trained Obstetricians and Gynecologists and clinicians led by Dr Aliya Umaru who are deeply passionate about the plight of the mother and child in Africa and improving the safety of childbirth in Northern Nigeria. We are forerunners in the collection of maternal mortality statistics in Northern Nigeria and providing training and equipment to tackle these statistics.

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One of the institute’s strategic axes is to focus its efforts on the healthcare of women, mothers and their children. We aim to deliver high-quality evidence-based teaching using an engaging mix of online training modules, simulation and team-building exercises.

To collect data about maternal and perinatal mortality and morbidity

To provide simulation training (Hypertensive disorders & PPH and sepsis)

To share lessons learnt via stories of women so that they are not forgotten.

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Training program for midwives, a sustainable solution prioritized by MASSAI

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Ensuring all women have access to quality care and health services

To incentivise the reporting of maternal death and adverse outcomes and allow families andcommunity leaders access to reporting adverse outcomes.